2018 NFL Draft

2018 NFL Draft Live stream. continue to swirl that Browns could take Baker Mayfield with No. 1 pickWould Cleveland. 2018 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Miller’s Final 7-Round Predictions.

NFL Draft 2018 Round 1 live stream

This year marks my seventh year covering the draft professionally, and I’ve never been more unsure about a mock. In previous years, there was always solid, credible information about not only who the first pick in the draft would be but many picks following that. This year Crickets.The Cleveland Browns will draft a quarterback, but which of the big four will it be? Some intel says Sam Darnold has been the guy all along.

The 2018 NFL Draft is hours away. It’s at this point in the proceedings that three words should serve as your guide: “Trust no one.” Teams have tried for weeks — and sometimes months — to hide their draft-day intentions, and with the biggest spectacle of the offseason now upon us, the obfuscation goes into overdrive.With that warning as a backdrop, here’s the latest scuttlebutt on what the Browns will do with the No. 1 pick. They’re leaning towards.

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